UnderExpose is a photo-zine designed to fill a gap in the somewhat impoverished world of photo-publishing here in Spain.  What can the hundreds of unknown or up-and-coming photographers who are creating interesting bodies of work do to have their work published? Work which they have produced with energy and passion? Is self-publishing the answer? Social networks? Our starting point, the reason for creating the zine, is a conviction that the natural medium for photography is something tactile, physical. Without that, in a very real sense, photography ceases to exist. Our aim is to bring some of these photographers together and give them a voice through which the essence of their work is conserved in a physical format, available at a price most can afford. Something buyers can touch as well as see.

UnderExpose will follow the classic 35mm format. A perfect size, on good quality paper, using digital presses, falling between the classic fanzine and magazine formats. The primary short-term objective of our crowdfunding campaign is to cover the publication of 12 issues over one year, each dedicated to a single photographer. Each issue will have 18 photographs on a unified theme and further information about them will be published on our webpage – as will links to the webpages and social network pages of the featured photographers. This is a way to promote the amazing work of idealists and dreamers, published by other dreamers motivated by the love of photography, a sense of the potential it can still have and the aim of getting printed photography into the hands of as many people as possible. There is no substitute for that physical sensation of turning over the pages, the touch of the paper. So, please contribute if you can.

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